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Socialize Your Student Recruitment, Energize Your Fund Raising Efforts and Give Your Students a Voice on Social Media.

Expand Your Social Circle

Social HorsePower makes it easy to deliver important news and content right to the fingertips of the people that matter.

Built for academic organizations of any size, Social HorsePower is the easiest way to connect, communicate and engage.

When you make it effortless to get social... news travels fast.

  • 1%

    1. Social Influence

    72% high school students use social media to research colleges and universities before applying.

  • 1%

    2. Savings

    Schools that actively use social media spend an average of 25% less on print, radio, and television ads.

  • 1%

    3. Referrals

    75% of undergrads said conversations with current students on social media influenced which school they attend.

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The Ultimate Guide to Student Advocacy

Social advocacy connect students, faculty and alumni to the campus community - and helps them share your message with their social networks. Find out how.

Get Social in Seconds with SocialHP.

Social HorsePower is easy to set up, simple to use and doesn't cost a fortune.

Best of all, with the click of a button, you can get started today - absolutely free.

Ready to socialize your student-body? Let's go!

  • 1. AMPLIFY

    Use social media to spread the word. Students, faculty and alumni have 10x the social audience reach of your fan page.

  • 2. BUILD

    Happy students are the best recruitment tool. Help them get social with pre-approved, bite-sized posts that are ready to share.

  • 3. GROW

    Build a trusted network of social connections through your school's best advocates, the people who love it.

of Students and Alumni Would Join a Social Media Initiative to Support Their School.
“We knew students were talking to each other about their career paths - including word of mouth about us - but we had no way to encourage, or track, those interactions. With SocialHP, our students shared over 25,000 pieces of content to their personal networks in the first 3 months alone.”

Ryan Oester

Pinnacle Career Institute


Pinnacle Career Institute

Word-of-mouth has always produced the uncontested highest value leads in education. Find out how Pinnacle looked to the future - and took their efforts online.

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