Build and Nurture One-to-One Relationships Until

Prospects are Ready to Buy

Spark Conversations that Lead to Sales.

Social selling is all about building relationships.

Great relationships result in customer loyalty and repeat business.

Social HorsePower arms your sales team with the right content to build their personal brands & accelerate the sales cycle.

  • 1%

    1. Attract

    84% of B2B buyers starting the purchasing process with a referral.

  • 1%

    2. Convert

    79% of salespeople actively using social media outsell their peers.

  • 1%

    3. Retain

    Sales professionals who use social selling enjoy a 55% renewal rate.

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7-Steps to Building a Social Selling Empire

Socialize your sales team. Our free playbook is the secret weapon that will fill the top of your sales funnel with new prospects.

Social Selling Doesn't Have to be Painful.

Social HorsePower is easy to set up, simple to use and doesn't cost a fortune.

Create a team of Social Sales Superstars with the simple click of a button.

Ready to get social? Let's go!

  • 1. CONNECT

    All the sales content that makes your company amazing - automatically entered into our platform - ready to be discovered.

  • 2. SHARE

    We make it dead simple for your team to get social with pre-approved, bite-sized posts that are ready to share.

  • 3. GROW

    Our built-in tools measure your success. Take the work out of social and watch your team thrive.

of Sales Reps Never Get Trained on How to Sell with Social
“I had a Social Media Marketing consultant tell me it would take hundreds of hours to train my staff on social selling. With Social HorsePower, I was able to make my staff look professional in a matter of minutes.”

Andrew Clark

Aligned Insurance

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