Get Social in Seconds with SocialHP

Build a Trusted Network of Social Connections Through Your Brand's Best Advocates, Your Employees.

Everyone Wins When Your Workplace is Informed and Connected.

Effective internal communications turns your best employees into social advocates.

At Social HorsePower, we make it simple to connect.

We turn important company news into bite-sized messages that are easy to read and ready to share.

Create awareness, reach new audiences, and give your employees a voice on social media.

  • 1%

    Build Trust

    Consumers trust "people like themselves" 63% more than your marketing team.

  • 1

    Reach New Audiences

    135 brand advocates are more powerful than 1 million fans.

  • 1%

    Grow Revenue

    A 12% increase in brand advocacy can generate a 100% increase in revenue growth.

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7-Step Guide to Employee Advocacy Dominance

Employee advocacy is online word-of-mouth marketing. Learn how to connect your most important content to people in a way that unique to traditional marketing efforts alone.

Yes, You Can Start Right Away.

Social HorsePower is easy to set up, simple to use and doesn't cost a fortune.

Best of all, with the click of a button, you can get started today - absolutely free.

Ready to activate an army of advocates? Let's go!


    All the content that makes your company amazing - "automagically" entered into our platform - ready to be discovered.


    We make it dead simple for your team to get social with pre-approved, bite-sized posts that are ready to share.

  • STEP 3. GROW

    Our built-in tools measure your success. Take the work out of social and watch your team thrive.

of Customer Brand Perception is Determined by Experiences with People who Work There.
“We used send emails to our staff with shareable content. You'd have no clue if the email got opened or if the content got shared. With Social HorsePower, it's easy. Not only do I know exactly who's shared my posts - it also measures the results.”

Allaire Guralnik

Burson Marsteller

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